About Us

We are a CLIA agency owned by Anita Murphy, located in San Diego, California.

Traveling has always fascinated me, and it is our life. We have been to 120 plus countries on all continents and love to share our experiences with our clients. We are pretty well versed in what to do, and what not to do on trips. We can also pinpoint the beauty and importance of most destinations. We have a vast amount of personal photo albums from our travel experiences throughout the years that we can share with you.

We are available by phone most of the time and have had clients call us on emergencies in the wee hours of the night. We see it as the best customer service we can offer.

A lot of our clients have become personal friends since we go the extra mile.

Biography: Here is our personal and professional background:

Anita was born, raised, and educated in Croatia (former Yugoslavia). Her experience includes working for TWA in Europe, Imperial Airlines in Carlsbad, California for 10 years, and as a home-based travel agent for more than 20 years.

Top Destinations: Tahiti and other South Pacific destinations Europe Asia South America and other worldwide destinations

Specialties: Honeymoons Worldwide independent vacations including cruises

Recent Trips: Hong Kong, China and Mongolia South Korea 13 trips to the South Pacific and Tahitian Islands

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